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Duplication Vs Replication

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What is the difference between Duplication and Replication?

Kings Direct provides both disc duplication and replication services for audio, data and video formats. In short, the duplication process is used if your requirement is short run and a fast delivery is required. Replication usually takes 10-15 working days but is very cost effective for runs from 1,000 to 500,000.

CD DVD Duplication

Duplication is the process of burning information onto blank media. We can produce quantities of between 20 - 2,000 CDs or DVDs using a bank of disc duplicators. Your original master is placed in a disc reader which then copies the data onto a hard drive. The master is ejected and blank discs are then loaded into the system. Your data is burned (transferred) to the blank discs. The information is verified and the finished disc then accepted or rejected. Typical turnaround times are between 2-5 days.

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CD DVD Replication

Replication is the method used to produce mass quantities of CDs or DVDs. The first stage in the process is to produce a glass master from your original which is then used to stamp the data onto blank media. The disc is printed and lacquered for protection. Replication generally takes a much longer time then duplication because of the necessary added steps which can add 10-15 working days to complete. However, replication is much more cost effective for runs from 1,000 to 500,000.requirement.

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