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Need a little help formatting your PDF or e-Book?

PDF e-Book Services

Kings Direct offers a comprehensive PDF editing and production service tailored specifically to the production of printed materials for your CD & DVD project. We can quickly deliver creative, cost-effective PDF documents and eBooks which can save you both time and money.

Electronic Transaction Bibles, or E-Bibles as they are commonly known, contain documents related to a particular legal or financial transaction. Paper-based documents are scanned and added to electronic files like Word and Excel to compile the entire history of the project stored on a single CD-Rom.
Electronic Bibles are very secure and save you time and money in production, storage and distribution costs compared to photocopying and shipping several lever arch files. Each CD-Rom is custom designed with your own logo and corporate identity and can store the contents of up to hundred lever arch files; including oversized drawings.

Once the CD-Rom is inserted, a welcome screen is launched automatically. Documents are stored in industry standard Adobe's PDF and are accessed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software supplied on the CD. Scanned documents look exactly like the originals but can be searched for words or phrases within seconds; even if the original was hard copy. Documents can also be searched by Title, Subject, Author and Keywords. Hypertext links on the Index page, and bookmarks allow the Electronic Bible to be easily navigated.

Electronic Bibles can be password protected at different levels if you wish to restrict users from viewing, printing or altering the files contents. Depending on your requirements, passwords can be added to access the CD-Rom, individual documents or folders. Electronic Bibles can be stored on CD or if preferred, can be made available on your Intranet or Internet.

Please contact us on 0800 689 0025 to discuss your next PDF project project in more detail.

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