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Barcode Generation

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Need a Barcode created for your CD or DVD project?

Barcode Generation

Kings Direct offers a Barcode Generation service tailored specifically to your needs. Our designers quickly deliver a barcode based on your exact requirements.

Barcodes provide a simple and inexpensive method of encoding text information that is easily read by electronic readers.

There are a variety of different types of bar code encoding schemes, each of which were originally developed to fulfill a specific need in a specific industry. The most popular barcode is the Code 39 or Code 128 bar code symbologies which can encode variable length alphanumeric data up to about 30 characters in length. These types of bar codes are called "linear symbologies" because they are made up of a series of lines of different widths. Most commercially available bar code scanners are able to read all of the different linear bar code symbologies therefore you do not need different readers for different types of bar codes.

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