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CD Replication Services

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High Volume Audio CD and CD-Rom Replication

CD Replication Services

Our CD Replication service is cost effective for larger runs between 1000 - 50,000. We handle everything including the assembly to deliver a professional shop quality package ready for distribution in as little as 7 working days.

Audio Cds, Data CD Roms

Kings Direct specialise in both Audio CD and Data CD Rom formats. Our high volume CD-Rom replication service is ideal for Software, Training Material, Conference Packs, Product Catalogues, Marketing and Promotional Products, Technical Documents and much more.

We also supply shop quality Audio CDs. Some of the retail products we manufacture include CD Singles, Albums and Promo CDs, Relaxation and Meditation CDs, Educational CDs and Audio Books. We offer a complete audio compilation and CD mastering service allowing us to produce a professional Red Book CD master complete with CD-Text.

Important: It's a legal requirement to obtain a licence for the use of other peoples work before we can proceed with the production of an Audio CD. Even, if it's your own material, we require confirmation from MCPS to that effect. You may, or may not require a licence and we can help you through the process to make sure you're completely legal.

More about CD Replication

Replication is the method used to manufacture large quantities of CDs as you see in the shops. For short runs we recommend CD Duplication as a more efficient option. The first stage in the process is to produce a glass master from your original which is then used to stamp the data onto blank media. The disc is then printed and lacquered for protection. Replication generally takes longer then duplication because of the necessary added steps and the typical turnaound time is 7-15 working days.

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