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High Volume DVD Replication

DVD Replication is perfect for High Volume Video DVDs and DVD-Roms

DVD Replication is the method used to manufacture large quantities of DVDs as you see in the shops. The first stage in the replication process is to produce a glass master from your original which is then used to stamp the data onto blank media. The disc is then printed and lacquered for protection.
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For short runs less than 1000 we recommend our DVD Duplication service as a more cost effective option.

Disc Printing Options for the DVD Replication Project

DVD Replication with Silk Screen Printing
DVD Replication with Silk Screen On-Body Printing

Silk screen is perfect for printing your pantone colours directly on the DVD. Cost effective for orders over 200, the result is a scratch proof and very durable surface for your DVD duplication project. Screen printing is great for solid colours. The disc printing starts with a silver base, so if you require a white background, you will need an additional colour to print the white.

DVD Replication with Litho Printing
DVD Replication with Full Colour Litho On-Body Printing

Litho printing is perfect for printing full colour or fine details directly on the DVD. Cost effective for orders over 500, the result is a professional scratch proof and very durable surface. Litho printing is ideal when you require professional shop quality printed and duplicated DVD Video or DVD-Roms.

Popular Packaging Options for your DVD Video or DVD-Rom:

DVD Replication packed in PVC Wallet DVD Replication packed in Slim Jewel Case DVD Replication packed in Clam Shell DVD Replication packed in DVD Case
Can't find your preferred option or you need some assistance with your order? Please call us free on 0800 689 0025 for help and advice on your next DVD Replication project.