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CD Duplication Services

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Fast on-demand Audio CD and CD-Rom Duplication

CD Duplication Services

Our CD Duplication service is fast and cost effective and we handle everything including the assembly to deliver a professional looking package ready for distribution in as little as 24 hours.

Short Run Audio CD, CD Rom Duplication

Kings Direct specialise in both Audio and Data formats. Our short run CD-Rom duplication service is ideal for distributing Software, Training Manuals, Conference Material, Product Catalogues, Marketing Material, Technical Documents, PDF Manuals and much more.

We also supply professional quality Audio CDs. Whether you require a few copies of a Promotional CD or 500+ shop quality Audio CDs for retail, we can deliver your project quickly and efficiently. We offer a comprehensive CD compilation and CD mastering service allowing us to produce a professional Red Book CD master complete with CD-Text.

Supported CD Formats include: CD-DA (Red Book) CD-ROM Modes 1&2, XA Forms 1&2, ISO 9660, Photo CD, CD-Extra (Audio + Data), Mixed Mode, Video CD, Hybrid CD, HFS.

More about CD Duplication

Duplication is the process of burning information onto blank CD or DVD media and cost effective for short runs between 20-1000. For higher quantities we recommend CD Replication as a more cost effective option. We can produce between 20 - 2,000 CDs or DVDs quickly using a bank of high speed disc duplicators. Your original master is placed in a disc reader which then copies the data onto a hard drive. The master is ejected and blank discs are then loaded into the system. Your data is burned (transferred) to 700Mb grade 'A' media. The information is verified and the finished disc then accepted or rejected

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