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Silver Top CD/DVD

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If you're looking for a cost effective duplication only solution, we can burn your audio, video or data files on grade A CD or DVD media with a silver top and silver base for the CD and purple base for the DVD.

Silver Top No Printing

Silver Top (No Printing)

The silver top is completely flat and suitable for applying both Full Face and Standard Face printed paper labels.

Please note: Both sides look very similar on the CD, so if you are not looking to apply a label to the disc, we would suggest using a White Top disc.

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Need a quote for your disc to be duplicated on silver top discs? Select CD Duplication or DVD Duplication to get an instant online quote.

More Disc Printing Options for your CD or DVD Project

White Top Silver Top Inkjet Printing Thermal Printing Black
white top silver top inkjet printing black thermal printing
No Printing No Printing Full Colour Black/Greyscale
Thermal Printing Full Colour Screen Printing 1 Colour Screen Printing 2 Colour Screen Printing 3 Colour
full colour thermal printing 1 colour screen printing 2 colour screen printing 3 colour screen printing
Full Colour 1 Pantone Colour 2 Pantone Colours 3 Pantone Colours
Litho Printing Full Colour
full colour litho printing
Full Colour/Fine Detail
Need some help choosing the best option or have a special requirement for your CD or DVD project? Feel free to give our sales team a call on 0800 689 0025 or email us for free help and advice.