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CD DVD delivered in Printed Card Wallet

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Kings Direct offer a wide range of packaging options as standard and deliver a professional package fully assembled and ready for distribution. Simply click 'Next option' or select a packaging option for further information.

CD DVD in Printed Card Wallet

Encased Wallet

The Encased Card Wallet is printed full colour on all 4 panels with a slot for the disc to be inserted.

Wallets are printed on 400gm Matt Art card and can also be supplied laminated on the outside for a small additional charge. Please allow 5-7 days for printing.

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Need a quote for your disc to be duplicated and delivered in printed Card Wallets? Select CD Duplication or DVD Duplication to get an instant online quote.

More Packaging Options for your CD or DVD Project

  • Spindle
    If you don't require any cases or other packaging we will deliver your CD or DVD shrinkwrapped on spindle.
  • PVC Wallet
    PVC Wallet
    The Clear PVC Wallet is a very cost effective way to distribute your disc.
  • Paper Wallet
    Paper Wallet
    The flap forms a secure and tidy finished product. Ideal for distribution of software, data and documents.
  • Slim Jewel Case
    Slim Jewel Case
    The Slim Jewel Case has a flap on the front part of the case to hold an optional insert or booklet.
  • Clam Shell
    Clam Sell
    The flexible plastic is light but rigid enough to safely distribute your disc in the post or by courier.
  • Standard Jewel Case
    Standard Jewel Case
    Ideal for Audio CDs. Add a front insert or booklet along with a back inlay for a professional finish.
  • Maxi Single Case
    Maxi Single Case
    Ideal for CD Singles. Add an optional J-Card on the inside flap for a professional finish.
  • Standard DVD Case
    Standard DVD Case
    Available in Black or Clear. Add an optional front inlay wrap and booklet on the inside flap for a professional finish.
  • Small DVD Case
    Small DVD Case
    Half height version of the DVD case. Add an optional front inlay wrap for a professional finish.
  • Ejector Case
    The ejector case is a very light shatter-proof clear polyprop case with easy disc release.
  • Super Jewel Box
    Super Jewel Box
    Available in both CD or DVD version. The super jewel box utilises specially printed covers.
  • Media Tin
    Media Tin
    The Round metal CD Tin comes with a removable lid and includes foam inlay to protect the disc.
  • Open Ended Sleeve
    Open Ended Sleeve
    The open ended CD sleeve is printed full colour on both sides and the disc is inserted on the side.
  • Encased Wallet
    Encased Wallet
    The encased card wallet is printed full colour on 4 panels and the disc is inserted behind the front panel.
  • 4 Panel Digipak
    4 Panel Digipak
    The 4 panel digipaks are printed full colour and available with 1 clear, black or white tray to hold the disc.
  • 6 Panel Digipak
    6 Panel Digipak
    The 6 panel digipaks are printed full colour and available with up to 2 clear, black or white trays to hold the disc.
Can't find a packaging option or have a special requirement for your CD or DVD project? Feel free to give our sales team a call on 0800 689 0025 or email us for free help and advice.